Dry Bones? Really?

May 23, 2021
Dry bones are not a very flattering description of people who are supposed to be alive and flourishing. But there is hope in the mighty wind of the Spirit.

Looking for the Ascension

May 16, 2021
On the surface, it seems clear. Jesus ascends into heaven. But what does it mean for us? How can we understand what Jesus is doing and where he is for…

A God of the Ears

May 9, 2021
God doesn't pay attention to your face, your family background or your efforts at looking good. What He wants is your ears. Into your ears he speaks Jesus, full of…

Vines and Clippers

May 2, 2021
Jesus says I am the vine and you are the branches. He also says the gardener will clip and prune even faithful branches.

The Apostolic Jesus

April 11, 2021
The true Jesus is the apostolic one, the one that is proclaimed by the witnesses Jesus chose. Those apostles proclaim to us, "We have seen the Lord!" We receive their…

How to Know God

March 21, 2021
In the book of Jeremiah, the Lord promises a new covenant where everyone will know Him. How do you know God? How does he make himself known? 

Checkmark Religion

March 7, 2021
We all like to make lists. Put checkmarks by the things we get done. Trying to do that with God gets us in trouble. Jesus comes to destroy checkmark religion.

Why Did Jesus Go into the Wilderness?

February 21, 2021
After his baptism, the Spirit drove Jesus out into the wilderness. Out into the hands of Satan. To be assaulted by the Devil. Why that happened may surprise you.

Taking off the Mask of His Humility

February 14, 2021
At the Transfiguration Jesus takes off his humility (his mask!) and shows us His divinity in and through His humanity. It is a promise to us of His glory that…