About PTL

Partners in Education

While retaining primary jurisdiction, the parent accepts the interpretation of the divine command, “Honor your father and your mother” to imply that the teacher is to be regarded as a God-appointed guardian while their child is in his/her care. Children must obey and respect their teachers. They are expected to show a Christian attitude of love and forgiveness toward their fellow students.

Christian education is a joint effort of the school and home. We expect parents to cooperate and work with our teachers by supporting and reinforcing the principles taught at St. Paul Lutheran School.

Parents, students, and the school benefit through your participation and showing your children that you care about their education. Volunteering at St. Paul Lutheran School includes rewarding opportunities through PTL, the development office, assisting teachers, library helpers, hot lunch, etc.

Parent Teacher League

The purpose of St. Paul’s PTL is to support and encourage the children, teachers and staff and to assist with needed improvements. The main avenue for such help and support are the fundraisers sponsored throughout the year. These fundraisers are very important to the progress and functioning of the school because they provide a means to purchase non-budgeted items, which improve both the curriculum and the classroom.

PTL also sponsors educational and social activities for students, parents, and teachers. These activities allow everyone in the St. Paul Lutheran School family to get together, share fellowship, and become better acquainted.

Accomplishing these goals depends on the willingness of our parents to volunteer their time and talents to the activities and tasks to be done.