Saint Paul welcomes you to in-person Sunday Services! Praise the Lord!

We appreciate the consistent patience and understanding that everyone has shown throughout this pandemic. We know that everyone is eager to get back to “normal.” We ask that you continue to bear with us as we do our best to make certain everything runs safely and smoothly. Things may not look the same as they did before; there may be hiccups along the way. We ask that you prayerfully offer the sacrifice of an open heart and a willing spirit as we gather together in worship in our beautiful sanctuary.  A brief summary is below, but please review our full Manual for COVID-19 Practices.

The following briefly lays out what to expect and the current rules/guidelines for worship.

Please arrive early and use one of the following two entrances (please exit the way you came in):

  1. From the parking lot, use the black metal stairway to the second floor;
  2. From parking near the front of the church, use the main Red Doors.

******The Fellowship Hall and the church/school office will be closed*******

  • A face mask covering both nose and mouth must be worn at all times except when actually taking communion.  This applies to everyone over the age of 2.
  • Please maintain six feet of physical distance at all times from those who are not part of your household.
  • Please do not attend service if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus within 14 days, or if you have a temperature, cough, or any symptoms of illness.
  • If you are at elevated risk due to an underlying health issue or due to age, please consider the risk connected with attending worship services in the sanctuary.
  • Access to restrooms in church will be very limited. Should you need to use a restroom, only two are available: 1) The ladies’ room next to the church/school office, and 2) the men’s room in the Media Center. Please plan ahead.
  • Ushers and Church personnel will check you in, seat you, and ensure all goes smoothly. To ensure everyone’s safety, ushers may be using a handheld device to take the temperatures of all who enter. Please kindly follow the directions that they offer.
  • Sunday Services will include Holy Communion. However, there will be no passing of the peace, no children’s message, and no passing of collection plates.
  • Singing was re-introduced during July, 2020 (with masks in place).
  • Bible study for adults takes place in the sanctuary at 8:45AM each Sunday beginning 9/27/20.  Bible class for youth (Grades 6+) takes place simultaneously at an outdoor location near church, weather permitting. Please contact the church for details.
  • In the event a child cannot maintain proper social distancing or otherwise needs to leave the sanctuary, we ask that you leave the church building, preferably by the Red Doors.
  • Should someone become ill, ushers will help relocate that person to the designated emergency station located in the copy room of the church/school office. 911 will be called, and the person kept comfortable until help arrives.
  • Ushers will invite individuals or families to take the Communion elements in cups from a table at the steps leading up to the altar area and carry them to a spot marked on the floor indicating where communicants may stand.  Please adjust your mask only when actively taking communion, not before receiving the elements.
  • Communicants will dispose of empty cups in designated trash receptacles before returning to their pew.
  • Offerings may be placed in offering plates as you enter or leave the sanctuary.
  • At the conclusion of the service, ushers will dismiss the church row by row, beginning with the back of the church.  Please exit via the center aisle, not the side aisles.
  • For full information about the rules & guidelines in place to help ensure the safety of all, please view our Manual for COVID-19 Practices