The Great Cover Up

August 22, 2021
We all like to hide our faults, cover up our failures, make ourselves look righteous. God knows & sees the truth, but -- amazingly -- still loves us on account…

Feeling Left Out

June 27, 2021
Jesus' miracles can make us feel left out. If Jesus healed a woman who had been sick 12 years or a young girl who was actually dead, why doesn't he…

The Most Amazing Thing About Jesus and the Boat

June 20, 2021
The most amazing thing about Jesus calming the storm is not that he commands the waves or the wind. It is that he fell asleep when the disciples needed him…

The Best Description of Christians

June 13, 2021
Jesus gives a short story in Mark 3 about a farmer who knows nothing but gains everything. He just throws out seed and all of a sudden: a harvest. That's…

Rasslin’ and Robbery

June 6, 2021
Jesus tells a strange little story about a strong man being bound and robbed. We and Jesus are in the story...but in strange spots.

Taking off the Mask of His Humility

February 14, 2021
At the Transfiguration Jesus takes off his humility (his mask!) and shows us His divinity in and through His humanity. It is a promise to us of His glory that…

Jesus Doesn’t Heal Everyone

February 7, 2021
A crowd is clamoring for healing, but Jesus goes on to other places. Jesus doesn't heal everyone, which tells a lot about who He is and what He does for…