Pre-2 Objectives

Christian Living

  1. Know that Jesus loves them
  2. Learn to love and care for others
  3. Receive and offer forgivenss
  4. Sing songs of praise to God


  1. Recognize their name
  2. Recognize some letters of the alphabet
  3. Trace line from left to right and top to bottom


  1. Count from 1-10
  2. Recognize and place in order numbers 1-5
  3. One-to-One correspondence from 1-5
  4. Count out five objects from a group of objects
  5. Introduce simple number patterns
  6. Ordering from smallest to largest, concepts of more, fewer, or the same
  7. Match and identify the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, oval, star, and heart
  8. Begin to learn the days of the week and seasons

Language Arts

  1. Listen to and follow verbal directions
  2. Encourage students to express themselves verbally
  3. Feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of peers
  4. Develop an interest in books and reading
  5. Discriminate between things that are alike and not alike through one-on-one interaction with child
  6. Understand concept of position words
  7. Identify the following colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, white, black, and pink
  8. Learn and use new vocabulary


  1. Learn scientific vocabulary and concepts such as: freeze/thaw/melt, life cycle, and season changes
  2. Identify parts of the human body
  3. Explore items from nature

Social Skills

  1. Respect authority
  2. Take responsibility for actions, property, and clean-up
  3. Putting others before self; i.e, let others go first, wait your turn, sharing, be helpful to others
  4. Develop and show appreciation for other's interests, attempts, and accomplishments

School Skills

  1. Walk in a quiet, straight line, take or look at something and pass it on, sit in a free-standing chair, problem -solving, peer interaction
  2. Always attempt a task and ask for help when needed
  3. All actions have some sort of consequence
  4. Appropriate manners
  5. Care for personal needs and hygiene
  6. Good health habits

Motor Skills

  1. Participate in activities which will enhance development of large motor skills, such as jumping, running, hopping on one foot,
  2. Particpate in activities such as manipulatives, writing, play dough, cutting, gluing, coloring, and painting which will develop fine motor skills